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Metal Home Building Kits

Metal Home Building Kits are here to build your own home, with our effortless to adopt kits, you can build anything you need, right at your fingertips. Our products are designed to help you through your Home Building process, from designing your Home to build it on-site, with Metal Home Building kits, right now, without any hassle. Don't wait, get Metal Home Building kits.



By American Outback Buildings


DuroSPAN Steel 14x24x10 Metal DIY Home Shed Shop Building Kits Open Ends DiRECT
Custom Building Design Information Package American Barn Style Home

Custom Building Design Information Package

By OutBack Steel Buildings


Single Slope 2 story Building Design Information Package

Single Slope 2 story Building

By Ameribuilt Steel Structures


Quonset Building

Looking to build a new Home or office? Don't search more than the steel 25 x30 Metal Building diy Home kits! These all-encompassing Kits provide a sterling amount of to each revelator’s 30 Metal structure, plus, our open ends provide for plenty of pagoda-related dividends. Looking for an alternative to build a small Home without spending a fortune? Look no more than our kit, which includes an 40 x32 x20 Metal arch shed with three ends that can be customized to your needs, with correct ends and a simple build process, this shed is a sovereign investment for an individual wanting to get started with Home building. This is a custom Building design information package that will help you build your own american barn style Home in your home, we provide information about materials, design, built features and more so you can create your top home. This army surplus Metal Building imparts two floor spaces, one on each side of the building, the Metal spaces are all well-made and strong, and will last for years of use. This Building also comes with a garage, which can be used as a store or Home steel building.