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Imden Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks is a set of Magnetic Building Blocks that can be used to create anything you can dream up, the set includes a variety of different magnets and magnets with Building blocks. It comes in colors black and red, and there are also versions with numbers and letters, the Blocks are basic to use, and they can be used to create anything from deskspinner's to lime wedges.

Imden Magnetic Building Blocks Ebay

The educational set includes: - 4 Magnetic Building Blocks - 1 - 1 - 1 educational scale the set is terrific for teaching logic, imagination and educational values! This kids' toy is full of unique Magnetic Building blocks, each block is different and makes a terrific addition to each toy room. The Blocks are made from durable Magnetic material and can be stored away easily, making them excellent for busy children's bedrooms, the Magnetic Building Blocks are outstanding surrogate to create interesting and objects. With their straightforward to adopt keys, this set comes with everything you need to create interesting Blocks and tiles with numbers and letters, plus, the alphabet and numbers make it facile to create interesting! The educational set is a top-rated substitute to learn about world's most popular bearing system. This set comes with a variety of metal Building Blocks and a challenge workbook to help you develop your skills.