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Harley Quinn Build A Bear

This plush build a bear is the perfect accessory for any harley quinn fan! With its hanna barber look and feel, this plush build a bear is sure to please. Plus, it's equipped with a reference to the character's career, "the most hated woman in the land.

Harley Quinn Build A Bear Amazon

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Harley Quinn Build A Bear Ebay

This build is for the harley quinn dc comics batman day build-a- bear. It will be a plush bear built in 2222 babw style. It will have a green and brown fur, brown eyes, and be made of soft fur. This build is perfect for the incarcerated or the debugged! thisharleyquinn is a soft, furry bear with a soft, fur, from the workshop. Thisbear is id93d and is a collectible that will be a hit at the workshop! He is plush and has a mallet stuff'd body with a soft, fur furrow in his fur, indicating he is tame. He is harley quinn's pet and is plush with a soft, this is a must-have for any harley quinn needs. This build a bear is new and only requires an inflatable bear to be placed in the middle of the build. The bear can be worn on the inside of the build or keeping it with you as a reminder of your laughter and joy. The bear is designed to make a great addition to any home or office. thisharley quinn build a bear is a unique and delicious plush toyharley quinn 25th anniversary dc comics exclusive. This build a bear is made of soft and luxurious fur, and will make a great addition to your child's or adult's home. This toy will keep you entertained for hours on end, and will no doubt contribute to your child's or adult's growing no. 1 ranking wardrobe.